48 Cheap Home Improvement Products That Save You From Having To Buy Expensive Stuff

Sometimes, your home just needs an upgrade. Whether you want to fix the little things around the house or completely transform its aesthetic, there are a million different ways to make your home look refreshed or brand new. However, while it’s easy to whip out the tools or a can of paint, many ideas for home improvement can oftentimes run up a high price tag or require too much of your precious time. That won’t be the case with the help of the Amazon products on this list, though.

With that being said, you don’t have to give up on all of your home improvement goals. Fortunately, there are ways to revive any room in your home — and even the outside of it — without sacrificing too much time or money. If you’re searching for items to maximize storage space, solve a pesky problem, make your home more tech-friendly, or just make any area look better than before, I’m here to help you. On this list, you’ll find amazing products that’ll help improve your home in a multitude of ways — and they won’t cost you all of your hard-earned funds.

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These Gorgeous Sconces With An Industrial Look

This set of two wall sconces will look amazing inside your home while adding industrial vibes to your space. They look expensive, but they’re only $24 — and many reviewers wrote they’re both super easy to install. They’re also adjustable and can be moved 240 degrees so that you can easily achieve any desired look — just add a lightbulb.

These Garage Door Accents That Neighbors Can’t Tell Are Fake

Give your garage an easy makeover with these magnetic garage door accents that look 100{d4d1dfc03659490934346f23c59135b993ced5bc8cc26281e129c43fe68630c9} real from the street. Each magnet in this pack of six is strong enough to adhere to garage doors — and they’re weather resistant, meaning they can make your garage look great no matter how hot, cold, or rainy it is outside.

A Filtering Shower Head That’ll Give You Spa-Like Soaks

This easy-to-attach shower head gives your shower an instant upgrade that you won’t regret, all while filtering water as it flows through the system. It seamlessly increases water pressure by 200{d4d1dfc03659490934346f23c59135b993ced5bc8cc26281e129c43fe68630c9} and comes with three soothing settings: jetting, massage, and rainfall. Just screw it onto your standard shower hose and you’ll have a spa-like experience in seconds.

These Shower Curtain Hooks That Glide Easily With Beads

These hooks for your shower curtain are the perfect replacement for your old ones. They’re made of quality metal, and they can glide across your shower rod easily without getting stuck (thanks to the spinning beads). Plus, they look super sleek with any minimalistic shower curtain. In other words, they’re ideal for both aesthetic and practical purposes.

A Wall-Mounted Toothpaste Dispenser That Helps You Get Every Last Drop

Never waste toothpaste again with this automatic toothpaste dispenser that adheres right to the wall of your bathroom. This is the perfect product for anyone who needs an easier way to dollop toothpaste onto their toothbrush (or anyone who wants to create more counter space near their sink).

This Roll-Up Dish-Drying Rack That Clears Up Your Counter Space

This stainless steel drying rack could not be a more convenient item for your kitchen. Not only does it roll up and store away when you’re not using it, but it doesn’t take up any counter space when you are using it — it fits beautifully over your sink instead. This is an essential especially if you’re living in a small apartment or have limited counter space, and it can double as trivet for hot serving plates as well.

A Sleek Layered Organizer For Your Silverware

If you’re on the lookout for a cutlery organizer but can’t find one that suits small drawers, you need this super compact one. This organizer is designed to stack the silverware on top of each other instead of side-by-side, and the downward angle allows for easy access of up to 24 pieces of silverware. It even has little icons next to each compartment, so you know exactly which cutlery item you’re reaching for every time.

This Expandable Rack To Organize Your Kitchen Essentials

Optimize your counter or cabinet space with this expandable storage rack for your kitchen. This rack is the ideal storage option for both function and style, as it easily stores any of your kitchen essentials without looking too busy on your countertop. If you buy a bunch of these racks, you’ll have a great way to organize all of the items inside your cabinets or pantry as well.

These Clear, Reusable Hooks That Won’t Budge

If normal adhesive hooks aren’t doing the trick in your home, these vacuum suction hooks are here to help. These sturdy hooks can hold up to 6 pounds each, and the more angled curve makes them suitable for bigger items. They blend in easily with any space due to their transparent design, and the plastic shouldn’t yellow overtime. These hooks are also reusable, so you can move them around again and again.

A Set Of Storage Containers For All Of Your Dry Goods

Let your dry goods last longer with the set of eight airtight storage containers. Not only does the super seal design of these containers help stored foods or ingredients stay fresh for longer, but their see-through design and cute chalkboard labels make organizing all of it ridiculously easy. Say hello to a newly organized pantry with these life-changing containers.

A Lazy Susan To Access All Of Your Items In A Flash

Need organization items for the other items in your kitchen? Try this lazy Susan that fits perfectly in any cabinet or pantry. This 12-inch lazy Susan can easily fit all of your spices, baking supplies, or oils, granting you quick access to any of them in a matter of seconds with its non-skid, turntable design.

This Mop & Broom Holder That’ll Save You So Much Space

If your storage closet or garage is becoming disorganized with all of your different mops, brooms, and buckets, this mop and broom holder will make a difference. The wall organizer frees up much-needed space in any closet, room, or garage and securely stores cleaning tools with its five broom-and-mop slots and six hooks. Just mount it on any wall or door with a drill, and voilà.

These Strip Lights To Illuminate Anything In Your Room

Transform any room with these LED strip lights that you can attach to your TV, bed frame, computer monitors, mirrors — anything you want to have a colorful glow around it. They’re super easy to attach to any surface and can turn 16 different colors and be made brighter or dimmer. They can even jump or fade to different colors for an even cooler effect.

These Ultra-Bright, Motion-Activated Porch Lights

If you’re looking to replace the outdoor lights outside of your home, look no further than this four pack of motion sensor lights. These 400-lumen (extra bright) outdoor lights are perfect for stress-free illumination of your yard or porch, and will quickly turn on at the detection of any motion within 16 feet at a 120-degree angle.

An Outlet Extender With A Built-In Nightlight

If you’re always struggling to find outlets in your home to accommodate all of your devices, these outlet extenders can help. These extenders are perfectly compact, so they won’t crowd the space of the outlet next to them like other extenders. Each in the pack of two is also equipped with a built-in LED nightlight that turns on automatically once it gets dark.

A Garbage Disposal Cleaner That’ll Eliminate Unwanted Odor

This scrub brush can help you easily clean your garbage disposal when needed. This durable, 11-inch brush will fit down your drain to reach the old food and debris caked onto the sides of your garbage disposal. You can even throw it in the dishwasher in between uses.

These Cabinet Pulls That’ll Give Your Kitchen An Upgrade

Sometimes the biggest home upgrades can result from subtle fixes, like the addition of these satin nickel cabinet handles in your home. These 5-inch-long cabinet pulls are super sleek and easy to install with the screws included in this pack of 20. Tons of reviewers are obsessed with the way they look in their kitchens and bathrooms; one even wrote that “the transformation was unbelievable!”

A Magnetic Screen Door To Help Keep The Bugs Away

This magnetic screen door is perfect for anyone who wants fresh air without leaving the door open all day long. The magnets in the center of the screen allow it to open and close easily without the risk of letting bugs or the elements from outside into the house. It also installs onto your door frame in four quick and easy steps.

An Over-The-Door Clothes Rack To Save Space In Your Closet

If your closet is overflowing (but you still need a place to hang the remainder of your clothes), this over-the-door rack will help solve all of your problems. This heavy-duty rod can hold up to 35 pounds, and it adds over 3 feet of closet space. Plus, installation will only take seconds with no tools required. Just adjust it to the size you need and you’ll be grateful to have more space for your wardrobe.

These Hanging Shelves For Your Closet That Optimize Space

Need more ways to add space in a tiny closet? Try these hanging shelves that add three layers of shelves. This organizer will not only maximize your clothing storage space by adding more room to organize your wardrobe, but it’ll also help keep your items neat, organized, and easily accessible for when you need them.

These Grippers To Help Prevent Your Rugs From Curling Up

If you’re tired of the rugs in your home curling or moving around too much, you might need these rug grippers. These V-shaped grippers fit perfectly under the corners of your rugs to help prevent them from sliding or curling up at the corners, making any indoor rug look expensive and high-quality.

These Furniture Stoppers To Help Protect Your Floors

These furniture stoppers are helpful for any of the items in your home that are sitting on wheels. Just slide a stopper under each wheel, and you’ll be amazed at how easily your furniture will stay in place. Not to mention, the nonslip rubber underneath the stoppers help protect any floor — hardwood, ceramic, tile, and more — from getting all scratched up.

This Peel-And-Stick Paper That Spices Up Any Surface

If you ask me, this marble-patterned paper is the best way to spruce up any surface that has been looking a little “blah” lately. Its peel-and-stick design makes it easy to add this paper to any dry, flat surface in your home (like a countertop, shelf, or dresser). You won’t need to buy new furniture when you have this to help you upgrade in a flash.

A Bidet Attachment With Temperature Control

This temperature-control bidet is designed to cater to your preferences with its hot and cold functions and adjustable jet nozzles, all while providing a thorough clean for your posterior. There’s even a self-cleaning feature, and the system is easy to install. You can kiss your toilet paper goodbye after one use of this.

A Sleek Desk Lamp That Also Charges Your Phone

You can give your office space an upgrade with this desk lamp and phone charger all-in-one. This versatile lamp comes with both a USB port and a wireless charging pad so you can achieve all of your charging needs. It can also change to five different color settings and nine brightness levels, and its sleek design prohibits it from taking up too much space on your desk.

These Adorable String Lights To Spruce Up Your Backyard

These outdoor string lights are both stylish and functional, adding some ambiance to your outdoor space while ensuring it’s illuminated enough to spend quality time with your family and friends (even after the sun goes down). They’re available in three different lengths and are even weatherproof.

This Vacuum Attachment That Helps Clean Out Your Vents

This vacuum attachment is meant to remove the dust and lint from your dryer or AC vent. The long and nimble hose works to get into even the trickiest of crevices in your vents to help ensure there’s no debris left behind, and it can attach to different types of vacuums.

These Liners To Help Keep The Inside Of Your Oven Clean

These BPA-free oven liners can help keep your oven clean while cooking. Just place one of them on the bottom rack of your oven — not the bottom of the oven itself, per the brand — and bake or cook away without any spillage or mess. You can throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done, and you’ll want to use it again and again.

These Protective Furniture Leg Covers That Couldn’t Be Easier To Put On

If the chairs in your home are scratching up all of your floors, these chair leg covers can help solve that problem. The silicone design of these covers — along with their felt bottoms — allow for easy installation work to protect the chair as well as the floor beneath it. You can even choose from different colors to match your furniture.

These Decorative Faux Plants That Look So Real

Do you love the look of real plants? Well, these artificial hanging plants (that actually look real) are perfect alternatives. They’re ideal for achieving a natural aesthetic for any room in your home with little effort. Just attach them to any wall and your home will be instantly transformed.

A Macrame Pot Hanger For Your Existing Plants

For those who prefer real plants but are struggling to find ways to display them in their homes, look no further than these beautiful macrame pot hangers. This plant hanger can be used indoors and outdoors and is suitable for any planter up to 9 inches in diameter. Its subtle design also allows it to fit in with the aesthetic of nearly any room.

This Gorilla Glue For All Of Your Home’s Quick Fixes

This Gorilla Super Glue is an essential for any home, and the brush and nozzle applicator is a game changer when something in the house requires a quick adhesive fix. This tough glue works beautifully on various types of materials and surfaces, such as plastic, metal, ceramic, stone, and fabric — and it dries clear in up to 30 seconds.

This 14-In-1 Tool That You Can Use For Anything & Everything

This 14-in-one multitool has anything and everything you might need for a variety of home improvement tasks. This stainless steel bundle comes equipped with three different pliers, a sharp and serrated knife, four different screwdrivers, a hook remover, a double-sided file, and a small scraper. It even includes a can and bottle opener. Plus, it even comes with a little carrying case.

This Repair Kit That’ll Make Your Furniture Look Good As New

If the wooden furniture or floors in your home are looking worn and tired, you might want to try this repair kit. The kit does it all: It can fill cracks or holes, remove scratches, and tidy up spots on the furniture that make it look stained or damaged. It works on many colors of wood, whether it’s painted or natural, and comes with instructions that help you perfectly match the putty to the color you need.

These Garbage Deodorizers That Help Prevent Unwanted Odors In The House

These charcoal deodorizers will become your new best friends if you have garbage cans that always seem emit unwanted odor. These deodorizers work great in any 8-gallon (or larger) trash can, while the activated charcoal absorbs scents within the garbage. They’re even biodegradable.

These Covers That Seal All The Annoying Gaps On Your Kitchen Counters

If you’re always dropping food into the gaps between your oven and kitchen countertops, add these counter gap covers to your cart ASAP. The silicone gap covers fit seamlessly between your stove and countertops without shifting once in place, and they help prevent crumbs as well as spills falling through. They’re easy to clean, too, with either a wet cloth or in the dishwasher.

These Stovetop Covers That Help Keep Your Burners Mess-Free

With these burner covers, cleanup is nothing short of a breeze when it comes to gas stovetops. Just fit them around each of your burners (there’s a special hole in the middle for the burner itself), and experience the effortless cleaning of sprayed oil, dripped sauces, and charred foods. They’re even dishwasher safe for when it’s time to wash them.

This Colorful, Hardening Silicone Glue For Repairs, Leaks & More

Make home improvement fixes fun with this multi-purpose glue that hardens into silicone when it’s in place. The ways to use this product are endless — use it for repairs, bonds, sealing, or even for mounting things without tools. This glue is heavy duty (it can hold up to 4.4 pounds in weight), and it’s waterproof. There are also many colors available.

A Pen That Masks Grout & Makes Floors Look Good As New

You won’t need to break out the scrubber and rubber gloves to clean your tile after purchasing this grout pen. The marker easily covers up the presence of grout on your tile floors or walls, using nontoxic, water-based ink that mimics squeaky-clean tile. The narrow tip of the pen also allows for careful precision when using.

These Soft Cotton Towels That Come In Amazing Colors

This set of six towels are the perfect replacement for the ones you’ve had in your bathroom for years. They’re made with soft 100{d4d1dfc03659490934346f23c59135b993ced5bc8cc26281e129c43fe68630c9} cotton — and the set comes with two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Plus, you can get them in a multitude of colors so they suit the style of any bathroom.

A Pack Of Super Soft Pillowcases Your Whole Family Will Want

These pillowcases are incredibly soft and high-quality for a super low price — and they come in different colors so you can pick and choose which ones best match the bedding you already have in your home. They’re made with polyester that shouldn’t wrinkle, and they’re even machine washable.

This Rechargeable Lighter For Any Candle Lover

If you’ve never owned a rechargeable lighter like this one, now is the time to buy one. In my opinion, this lighter is better than any regular one due to its flexible neck that can move 360 degrees, as well as its ability to last long after one charge (it can be used 600 times before needing another charge). It even boasts a windproof design. One reviewer said this lighter is “probably the most used item [she’s] ever purchased from Amazon!”

This Easy-To-Install Button Pusher You Didn’t Know You Needed

Control all of the devices in your home that require buttons to activate with this button pusher. This product is great, especially if you’re often on-the-go and need to make sure your devices turn on or off when you need them. Just control the pusher through the SwitchBot app or with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device.

A Popcorn Popper That Makes The Perfect Bowl In Minutes

You never have to buy bags of microwavable popcorn again after using this popcorn popper. This adorable popper couldn’t be easier to use: Just add your kernels into the measuring lid, place them in the popper, and stick it in the microwave. You’ll have the perfect bowl for yourself in a flash, and you’ll help reduce paper and plastic waste when you use this instead of store-bought microwave popcorn.

This Smart Plug That You Can Control With Alexa

If you have an Amazon Alexa, this smart plug needs to be added to your cart. These plugs are voice-controlled through your Alexa device, meaning you can turn your gadgets on and off or set them on a timer, all with simple, hands-free voice commands. After witnessing the magic of these smart plugs, you’ll want to get them for every room.