Top Picks For 2023 – Part 2: Investment Property Stocks


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Part 1 focused on “Home Stocks,” meaning those that I would be happy to buy now and hold indefinitely, like a home. They were Brookfield Corporation (BN), Brookfield Asset Management (BAM), DreamOTCPK:DRUNFOTCPK:TOITFOTCQX:SECUF

Nuvei Growth Targets

Nuvei’s growth outlook (Nuvei’s Q3 Earnings Report)


Nuvei’s return since its IPS – Not pretty! (Seeking Alpha)


Note to Canadian investors, Lightspeed gets more press than Nuvei, but isn’t even profitable. (Short Seller’s Report)


Two different growth scenarios and their impact on the valuation of Nuvei. Both suggest Nuvei is substantially undervalued (Author’s Calculations)


Visuals to aid readers in understanding Alibaba’s moat (China Internet Watch, Mandarin School, Alibaba 2022 Annual report)

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Alibaba’s return since its IPO (Seeking Alpha)

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Valuation of Alibaba assuming its free cash flow margins and multiples paid for that FCF returns to historic averages (Author’s Calculation)


Remarkably undervalued. Priced like it’s going bankrupt again (Author’s Calculations)


Long-term holder are likely non-existent (Seeking Alpha)


Summary of top picks in the last two articles, including fair values and return potential (Author’s Calculation)