Sure, you could eat a decorative gourd. But don’t.

It is decorative gourd time, Mainers. The knobby, colorful squash could look far too really to try to eat, but you technically could try to eat this organic autumnal house decor if you definitely wished to — it just might not be worthy of it.

Nevertheless ornamental gourds are usually labeled as “inedible,” the the greater part of them are not harmful to humans. However, Rob Dumas, foodstuff science innovation coordinator at the University of Maine, claimed that the small, bumpy gourds normally employed for decoration would flavor horrible and be challenging to pores and skin, chop and if not put together.

“I don’t know that those have sizeable culinary price in the sense that there is most likely not a total great deal to them in terms of flavor,” Dumas said. “You might be equipped to get absent with slicing and roasting those people, while you’re likely to have a difficult time processing some of them just because of to their shape and true flesh.”