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Garden Deva’s metal trees are a unique way to decorate your home for Christmas.

Garden Deva products will bring an air of whimsicality to your home with their products this holiday season.

For over two decades, Garden Deva — founded by Tulsa artist Lisa Regan — provided unique metalwork to homes and gardens all over Oklahoma. Since Regan’s retirement in 2017, new owners Kari and Bobby Babcock continued Regan’s vision by creating metal artwork in-house, teaching metalworking classes and hosting art markets in their Third and Peoria shop.

Garden Deva regularly hosts themed events to show off the handiwork of its craftsmen and other local artists. This winter, the Garden Deva team will transform its gallery into a verifiable winter wonderland to showcase a “Narnia-inspired” product line just in time for the holidays.

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All of Garden Deva’s metal artwork is made in-house at its Third and Peoria shop.

“We have a really whimsical style, and we like to put a smile on the face of anybody who comes in our shop,” Kari Babcock said. “We want to make our gallery an experience for whoever comes in, so we make themes that are interactive and immersive for our guests. We try to provide a creative experience for anyone who comes into the shop and wants to take that into their own garden.”

All Garden Deva products — yard sculptures, garden poles, trellises, fire bowls, house numbers, custom work and more — are made in-house by staff designers and fabricators. For those who want to learn how to make their own sculptures, Garden Deva offers classes of varying levels.

“We have a beginner metalsmithing class where you learn how to take a sheet of metal, cut something out of it, and create your own Garden Deva sculpture,” Bobby Babcock said. “We’ve had people make address numbers for their new homes and wind chimes — all sorts of neat decorations. We also have an intermediate class, which goes into more of the assembling and finishing side of things. We have a really good time being able to introduce people to how we create things and the process that goes behind it.”

Kari Babcock said the holiday season is typically the busiest time of year for the Garden Deva team.

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Ornaments from Garden Deva make a great gift for the holiday season.

“The holidays are our favorite time of year,” Kari Babcock said. “This year, we’ll have a very ‘Starry Night,’ winter wonderland, ‘Narnia-style’ product line. We’ll do Christmas ornaments, little metal Christmas trees and entire holiday vignettes — we’ll have a Christmas village that you can do inside your home or on garden poles in your garden, which will have woodland animals like deer, foxes and owls, and moons, stars and clouds for a celestial theme as well.”

Garden Deva products make for a great gift for your friends and loved ones, Bobby Babcock said.

“There’s nobody I’ve ever known to make anything like what we make,” Bobby Babcock said. “Our products are very fun and give your home a little more lively, whimsical feel to it. Life can be mundane sometimes, but when you have a little something that spices it up, it can really brighten your day.”

“In a lot of ways, we represent Tulsa to a lot of people,” Kari Babcock said. “It’s a good way to capture a little bit of Tulsa in your gift-giving this year, especially if you’re sending out gifts to friends and family who don’t live in Tulsa. It’s a way to share the Tulsa small-business love anywhere you’re doing gift-giving.”

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This holiday season, give an ornament representing Tulsa to out-of town friends and family.

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“In a lot of ways, we represent Tulsa to a lot of people … It’s a way to share the Tulsa small business love anywhere you’re doing gift-giving.” -Kari Babcock

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