La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Dec. 12 | Home & Garden

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Robert and Beverly Towner Trust to Katherine Bolser, 2224 Green Bay St., $230,000.

Janice Wiebusch to Janice Wiebusch Revocable Trust, 727 Fourth St. S.

June Reinert to Rose Reinert-Allen, 2215 Mississippi St., $180,000.

Sarah McKenzie and Nicholas Sammet to Rebecca Olsen, 1407 Jackson St., $170,000.

Jacque Bakalars to Kimberly Bakalars, 2856 Losey Blvd. S. and 2321 Diagonal Road.

Moriah Cody to Tristum Loomis, 234 Caledonia St., $105,000.

Alexandria Divine to Matthew Birnbaum, 3113 29th Court S., $250,000.

Nickolas Solum and Hannah Voehl to Meghan Becker and Connor Ludwigson, 805 20th St. S., $190,000.

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Jeffrey and Karee Munson to Jamie and Jon Fossen, 2135 Redfield St., $260,000.

Jon King to Bryan Stillwell to Scenic Bluff Rentals LLC, 1618, 1620 and 1622 George St., $204,900.

Susan Diclemente, Gerald and Jeffry Sagen to Jennifer Roberge and Daniel Wilhelm, 3101 Lauderdale Court, $382,500.

Randall Burgett to Averi Kotnour and Christopher Nelson, 3433 and 3435 29th Court S., $245,000.

David Jambois to Deborah Oney, 2403 Losey Blvd. S.

Nathaniel Jones to Maxwell Wiggert, 517 Winnebago St., $79,900.

Lilly Eno Estate to Howard Rood, 1409 Caledonia St., $100,000.

Jeffrey Deboer to Judy Olson to Karen Dieringer, 2509 Prospect St., $174,900.

Terry Bartels Construction LLC to Hoffer LLC, 2603 and 2605 Weston St., $245,000.

Joshua and Mikayla Gasper to Alexis Stika, 2432 Hass St., $185,000.

Donovan Barth and Debra Morse to Elliott Johnston, 1903 Kane St., $212,000.

Freedom Mortgage Corp to Colin and Jill Fleming, 2322 Kane St., $62,895.

Stanley and Judith Schabert Revocable Trust to Robin and Steven Woodwick, 2133 Sunrise Drive, $258,000.

A Touch of Tile LLC to Benjamin Seidel, 818, 820 and 822 Sixth St. S., $278,000.

121 13th St. North LLC to Kevin Brown, 1125, 1127 and 1129 Vine St.

AVS Group Properties LLC to Vernon Area Rehabilitation Center Inc., 3120 and 3128 South Ave., $3,250,000.

JBS Property Management LLC to Brandon Stratman, 1426 and 1428 George St.

Kellman Properties LLC to Debra and Ricky Kellicutt, Jason and Megan Stratman.

Jill Gorell to JG Monroe LLC, 1113 22nd Drive S.

Asma Arayan and Justin Everson to Barbara and Daniel Fitzsimmons, 4801 Stanley Court, $386,000.

Olson Rental Properties LLC to Chad Long, 1724 George St., $110,000.

Samantha Heller to Aaron Grosch, 2917 South Ave.

Lee Fehr to Corey Stauner, 420 Market St., $80,000.

Paige Schneider to THR Investments LLC, 1128 Sixth St. S., $165,000.

Amber and Martin Sherman to Ella Pieper, 2230 Jackson St., $203,500.

Sandra Hafner to Jennifer Oliver, 3305 Robinsdale Ave., $174,033.

Sherri Cain to Philip Gelatt Living Trust, 518 Losey Blvd N., $232,900.

Magloire Sharstrom to Birna Kristindottir, 822 Losey Blvd S., $160,000.

Karen Sampson Estate to Luther Jr. and Patricia Paulson, 2604 32nd St. S., $198,000.

Emily Hazelton Revocable Trust to Northern Lights Investments LLC, 2534 George St., $78,000.

Susan Hofer to Whitney Thomas, 1007 Rose St., $135,000.


Steven and Linnea Mueller Trust to Cassie Reisenauer and John Wakeen, 3709 Emerald Drive E., $296,500.

Andrew Kannel to Austin Lau, 603 Third Ave. S., $189,000.

Keith and Laura Rosenthal to Keith and Laura Rosenthal Joint Revocable Trust, 1320 Wilson St.

Randolph Sr. and Judith Eddy Joint Revocable Trust to Randolph Eddy Jr., 728 Pleasant Court, $281,500.

Lauri and Randall Berg to Randall and Lauri Berg Revocable Trust, 433 Larkspur Lane E.

Anne and Jeffrey Fimreite to Jonathan Beecroft, 720 Dutton St., $227,000.

Mary Stingl to Ronald Stingl, 516 Third Ave. N.

Kaylee Siber to Alexandria Divine, 1601 and 1603 Franklin St., $335,000.

Diane Delaura to Nicholas and Zari Ragner, 607 Eighth Ave. N., $275,000.

Guitarland Properties LLC to Collin and Samantha Kizewski, 520 12th Ave. N., $195,000.

Timothy Smethurst to Ian Anderson, 409 Fifth Ave. N., $196,000.

Julie and Roger Stanford to Harika Balagoni and Vikas Koppurapu, 839 Rolling Oaks Drive, $456,000.

Kyle and Sandra Fischer to Navy Federal Credit Union, 2021 Maplewood Drive.


Delira LLC to MV Power LLC, $255,000.

KBE Homes LLC to Coralyn and James Vanhees, $340,000.

Patricia Gunderson to Caitlin and Kyle Mosel, $370,000.

Xang Lor to Thomas Sauerman, $185,000.

Andrew and Morgan Brown to Anthony and Sherrie Stearman, $312,500.

Lori Cardenas, Sally Fonger and Diane Osley to the Village of Holmen, $240,000.

Linda Lueck to Heather and Joshua Heynen, $287,500.

David Whiteman to Victoria Read, $313,000.

Alyssa and Drew Knutson to Charles Olson, $230,000.

Evenson & Co Inc. to Allan and Sandra Hutson, $404,875.

Donna Dean and Charles McPeters to McPeters Living Trust.

Jon and Rachel Harless to Alyssa and Drew Knutson, $385,000.


Heidi and Seth Tester to Adrian Stanek, $257,000.

Rollin and Connie Huebsch Revocable Trust to Cameron and Hannah Robaczewski, $269,900.

Barbara Quamme Revocable Trust to Alyssa and Ean Hesselberg, $303,500.

Rachel Tabor to Christine Nelson, $300,000.


Jeffrey Becker and Jeffery Becker.


Kathleen and Michael Pavel to Nickolas Solum and Hannah Voehl, $235,800.

Andrew and David Ewing to Patti Fellenz, $209,900.

Cole Passe to Lindsey Passe.


Vinai Thao and Mai Lia Yang to Theng Yang, $235,000.

Daniel and Jacqueline Burkhardt to Jonathan Nygaard, $289,900.


Eve Molzhon and Shawn Zellmer to Shawn Zellmer.

John and Elaine Wyatt Revocable Trust to Katharine and Matthew Knafla, $350,000.

Abbie and Ethan Schroeder to Emily and Mark Dix, $359,900.


Mindy Zenke to Colton and Katherine Fields, $76,000.

Shannon Carey to John and Molly Grady, $579,900.


Lois Anderson to Lois Anderson Revocable Trust.

Ericka and Jacob Johnson to Anna and Sayeed Rahman, $366,000.


Matilda Gramling to David and Ronald Gramling.

Anne Molling to Casey Kupietz, $254,900.

David, Kimberly and Nicolas Balduzzi to David, Karen, Kimberly and Nicolas Balduzzi, $42,775.


Gregory and Linda Walters to Gregory and Linda Walters Irrevocable Trust.

Pickett Brothers Enterprises LLC to DAL11 LLC, $310,000.

Cynthia and Matthew Johnson to Amy Zietlow Living Trust, $310,000.

Billy and Linda Bendel to Linda Bendel.