Here are 5 different room aesthetics for your first apartment, home

As the semester comes to a close, and leases for new homes on campus are signed, a great deal of upperclassmen at Ohio University will be moving into their first home or apartment, a new home or simply renovating their familiar space for the upcoming school year as a way to restart and reset.

Having an escape from the stress of coursework and extracurriculars is made entirely plausible with a room/space you love, feel comfortable in and are eager to return to after a tiring day. Of course, to achieve this, décor will be needed and a vision will be vital.

Decorating your room is a great way to let your personality showcase itself and your creative juices flow. Once you have a theme or color scheme picked out, all you need are some inspiration photos, a realistic budget and the motivation to flip your room upside down and into something entirely new and lively. To help you get started, here are five room theme ideas with décor to accompany them:

A location-based liberation

If you’re a dreamer and have a particular spot on the map you’ve always envisioned yourself moving to, use this city or state to influence your room decorating decisions. Having a daily inkling of your goals and ambitions in the form of décor will serve as a reminder to never give up on yourself, and your bedroom will undoubtedly be unique to you.

Take New York City or Los Angeles for example — two cities a lot of people romanticize. Tezza sells curated art collage kits that are intended to help you achieve your dream aesthetic. The site sells a City Kit and a Coastal Kit amongst others, for both those who are East and West Coast lovers.

Better yet, look to see how the pictures advertising the art collage have the beds styled, and consider copying the exact layout, as you know the design will pair well with the collage.

From there, you can make the room your own by purchasing décor such as curtains, decorative pillows and plant holders to match the color scheme and vibe of the chosen city.

Investing in one of Homesick’s city collection candles serves as a great addition to keep the room’s theme consistent and intimate while the candle’s smell transports you to somewhere far from Athens.

Colorful and eccentric

Bright, quirky and colorful seems to be the blueprint for everyone’s room lately, especially on Tik Tok.

While resting in a bold room like the one above, it is almost virtually impossible to feel anything but happy. Colors such as orange, green, blue, yellow and pink all pair perfectly together, but first, it is important to decide what you want the focal color to be so you can have that be your bedspread color. Or, decide on a white bedspread and cover it with solid colored, patterned, circular and furry pillows, with a bright throw blanket to fold at the end.

Add a colorful rug like this Checkerboard Collage Rug from Society6 which works as a great central décor item, considering it will stand out and call more attention to itself than a regular muted rug would.

If the layout of your room and budget allows for it, purchase a colorful chair such as this orange Christopher Knight Home CKH Modern Microfiber Accent Chair and set it next to a gold-like coffee table.

Though an overly colorful room may seem at times, busy, it works because it is candidly supposed to be. Therefore, it is suggested to invest in overly intricate small items such as coffee table books, colorful wall art, retro vases and abstract jewelry holders.

Muted neutrals

Obviously color isn’t for everyone, and others gravitate to a more muted, minimalist, mature look and neutral color palette. That doesn’t go to say that decorating a neutral room isn’t just as fun and thrilling, though, as decorating an overly colorful one. With so many options of tan, beige, white, cream, champagne and black décor, the possibilities are endless.

In contrast to the controlled chaos a colorful girly’s room encompasses, a bedroom fit for “that girl,” is typically spotless with little décor, yet every decoration in the room is placed to serve a purpose.

If you’re vibing with the inspiration above, purchase décor similar to it such as this trendy knot pillow and these neutral ceramic vases.

Other fitting items include black and white prints, large plants, bubble cube candles and abstract mirrors to bring a little bit of life to the bare walls, floors and nightstands.

Boho chic

Calling all free-spirited souls! Decorating a room to match your energy, aura and natural radiance is exactly the project you need to take on this upcoming year to provide you a better space to manifest your dream reality and be authentically you.

There are a few must-haves for your room such as the equilibrium lamp — a “minimalistic touch that blends LED and Magnetic technology with such elegance,” according to Universe Light — the site it is sold on, and this hanging hammock chair with storage pockets. Both buys are incredibly unique and immersive. They will be sure to elevate each day with a simple switch of the lamp and snooze in the hammock.

Additionally, all boho rooms typically possess plants — and a collection of them — so consider buying a range of greenery from smaller desk-sized ones to larger standing plants.

To top off the room and add a new step in your daily routine, contemplate buying a manifestation journal or wellness and gratitude one with some incense to accompany it.

Edgy and electric

Last, but not least, is some room inspo for those who are a bit edgier and need some grunge in their life to function.

First and foremost, you will need to get rid of all the white and wooden furniture, and swap it for something more your speed: all black everything. Black furniture looks sleek and clean, allowing for the decor that matches it to emit the same vibe.

Start by deciding what it is you want to hang on your walls — black and white photos, vintage band posters or a collection of records. Any of the following will look modern and can be tailored to display your interests in music, films and pop culture

However, do not feel the pressure to omit all colors. Often, a pop of color can elevate and bring attention to the black furniture and black bedspread you have chosen. Consider adding color by incorporating a colored record player or colored throw pillows, such as red.

Rooms with an edgier vibe can often incorporate many different vibes too, in the end, collectively come across as electric and unique to whoever inhabits it, making it one of the coolest room ideas of all.


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