Erin and Ben Napier of ‘Home Town’ Show How To Spot a Cheaply Flipped House

Erin and Ben Napier, the hosts of “Home City,” have recognized a person big problem with household renovations right now: They generally strip an old household of its character.

In the Time 7 episode “A Fall of Sunshine,” the Napiers aid California pair Tony and Jennifer produce their dream dwelling in Laurel, MS. The couple have fallen in like with a three-bedroom, a single-bathroom dwelling detailed for $140,000. But they can notify, immediately, that this 1955 residence was recently flipped considering that it possesses quite very little of the structure’s primary appeal.

“When a house gets flipped, it’s like they go out of their way to disguise any small variation that would make it have character of any kind,” Erin laments.

Armed with a spending budget of $100,000, the Napiers perform tough to increase charming touches back to the architecture and fill the space with finishes that appear like they could be initial to the home. Go through on to find out how to location a affordable flip—and take care of it up.

Do not perform it as well harmless with shade

gray exterior
Prior to: The grey exterior seemed bland and generic.


When Erin and Ben initially demonstrate Tony and Jennifer their future residence, the exterior coloration is grey. Although grey has been a popular paint colour in new years—particularly with flips—because it is thought of “safe,” the Napiers suspect that this few would like a a lot more attention-grabbing and charming shade plan.


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The staff ends up offering the exterior wood paneling a light yellow improve while shifting the brick to a dark gold hue. They finish the search with a blue front door. Erin proudly claims that this color blend “reads as pure sunshine.”

yellow house
Just after: The yellow paint will make this home seem bright and stunning.


When the house is finished, Erin is very pleased of the transformation. When the HGTV star states the dwelling was “boring in each and every possible way” prior to renovations, she points out that “now, it feels like it has some character.”

Use old materials to add character

Ahead of: This dwelling space did not have a great deal identity.


Within the household, Jennifer and Tony are let down to obtain that the residing place seems pretty plain. While there is a nice fireplace, there is no storage or temperament in this home.

Of class, Ben agrees that the dwelling is “kind of lacking in the historic architectural allure,” so when the group vaults the ceiling, he uses old ceiling joists to create a mantel and bookshelves.

updated living room
After: Ben Napier reused some of the home’s wooden beams to generate a charming mantel and built-ins.


“These are a sport changer for this job,” Ben suggests of the old wood.

When the job is performed, Tony and Jennifer have attained a great amount of practical storage, a wonderfully crafted mantel, plus a full good deal of character.

This undertaking is evidence that it pays to reuse products from an previous dwelling. While the team did not have to have this wooden in the ceiling, it built for a wonderful dwelling home function just a few toes beneath.

Expose primary paneling

pine ceiling
Before: The team uncovered this tongue and groove paneling.


Erin initially designs to use plasterboard on the dining place ceiling, but when the crew finds tongue and groove pine higher than the present ceiling, Erin decides to depart the previous paneling uncovered.

“We uncovered the ceilings, and we thought it was a wonderful, cottagey textured moment to go away,” she explains.

tongue and groove
Soon after: Erin Napier experienced the pine paneling painted white.


Whilst Erin later on decides to paint the new-aged ceiling white, the result of the tongue and groove is nonetheless intact.

When the task is finished, Erin is satisfied to clearly show off another piece of the home’s record. Occasionally removing, instead than introducing, property attributes is the ideal way to incorporate character. Searching beneath the carpet or powering plywood could uncover a beneficial piece of historic charm.

Even new materials can add character

bland kitchen
Just before: The kitchen area was not long ago renovated, but regrettably it was way too unexciting for the new householders.


Alongside with the rest of the property, the kitchen was recently renovated, with new cabinets and counter tops. Although these options look modern day, they also look a bit dull. Of course, it’s much too late for Erin and Ben to conserve the 1950s kitchen products, but they are in a position to add some age back again to the space with a unique flooring tile.

“The tile I have picked out appears like a painted brick due to the fact it’s really weathered,” Erin claims.

It is a unique decision that adds a great deal of character to this kitchen area.

kitchen floor
Soon after: New tiles don’t will need to search new.


Let your individual design encourage your property style and design

green tile shower
Erin was encouraged by Tony’s necklace when planning this shower.


Whilst Erin and Ben do the job difficult to bring back this home’s authentic character, they also want the put to feel distinctive and particular to Tony and Jennifer. So they attempt to infuse some of the couple’s character into the design.

Erin notices that Tony constantly wears a sea glass necklace, which his daughter gave him, and takes advantage of this as inspiration for the couple’s main toilet.

“Honestly, the way individuals gown tells us a tiny about what their house must appear like,” Erin clarifies.

She makes use of environmentally friendly zellige tile in the shower, creating an earthy but lively glance.

“They’re sq., they are imperfect, they have almost a rippled surface area,” Erin states of the tile. “So it’s all environmentally friendly, but it’s a world of environmentally friendly.”

It is a distinctive upgrade that feels new but nonetheless matches in with the rest of the home’s classically inspired design and style.