Best Vacation Home Requests, Ranked

Happy Home Paradise has brought hours of home decoration bliss to Animal Crossing: New Horizon fans. This paid DLC unlocks a whole new area of the game, where you can design vacation homes for literally any and every Villager. With endless furniture options and a much-improved decoration user interface, the Happy Home Paradise DLC has proven to be oodles of fun.

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Perhaps the greatest thing to come out of Happy Home Paradise has been the opportunity for players to stretch out of their comfort zones when it comes to customizing homes or “builds”. There are dozens of Villagers to choose from, each with their unique theme for their vacation home request. There are some Villager themes, however, that truly stand out as one-of-a-kind.

10 Chevre – World’s Safest Vault

A split image of the white goat Villager Chevre and a picture of Jail bars DIY recipe

This adorable goat villager has always been a fan favorite, especially as it’s been theorized that Chevre and Nan – a black goat villager – might in fact be an item. We might never know why Chevre and Nan have portraits of each other in their homes, but it turns out this isn’t even the most perplexing thing about Chevre. If you find Chevre on the beach of Happy Home Paradise, her thought bubble reads “I vow to protect the assets I’ve received from everyone!”.

Yes, Chevre’s dream vacation home is a bank vault, complete with Jail Bars, a Pile of Cash, and a Safe as required furniture items. As you can imagine, the potential for this vacation home build is just teeming with possibilities, from staging a bank robbery, creating a massive vintage bank vault, or even painting the scene of a mafia hideaway, with Chevre cast as the unlikely mob boss.


9 Tucker – Armchair Archaeology Dig

A split image of Tucker in a caveman toga, and a villager pondering in the desert with Tucker in the background

He might look like he walked straight out of the Stone Age himself, but Tucker has lofty plans for his vacation home request. Tucker wants a cozy spot where he can study archaeology without having to venture abroad.

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This theme comes with a Forbidden Altar, Ancient Statue, and Stone Arch as its requested items, but with extras like the Cave and the Creepy Skeleton, there is a lot of room to get creative with this dig site build. With some fossils strewn about or even the Dinosaur Toy, you could easily get some Jurassic Park vibes going.

8 Marina – Marina’s Underwater Palace

A split image of Marina and a Villager diving into water from a rocky area

Happy Home Paradise would not be complete without a couple of sea-themed villager requests, especially with so much fun Shell furniture to work with. There is something especially charming about Marina’s request for an underwater palace for a vacation home.

It is a good excuse to break out some animated wallpapers like “Underwater Wall” or even “Water Horizon” if you have them, or to deck the place out with regal furniture fit for Poisdon himself.

7 Diva – Island Power Spot

A split image of purple frog villager Diva and a villager cowering in front of a bubbling cauldron with Diva hiding behind

It is only fitting that Diva’s vacation home request theme is just as cursed as she appears to be. This pink-eyed purple frog villager wants an island bustling with “mystic power”, and the request comes with a Torii gate, Asteroid, and Glowing-Moss Pond as required items for the build.

Diva’s theme is jam-packed with witchy furniture to use. You could opt for any of the island spots on the Happy Home Paradise map, or ignore Diva’s tropical desires to create a more cottagecore witch aesthetic.

6 Hamphrey – A Smoky Room

A split image of black hamster villager Hamphrey and a group of villagers sitting around a campfire in the island plaza

Of course, this manic-looking hamster wants to live in a room filled with fire. Did you expect anything less? Hamphrey’s vacation home request for “a place with a rich, smoky aroma” has prompted a lot of Animal Crossing players to recreate versions of the “this is fine” meme, and for good reason.

With a Smoker and a Fire Pit being the only two required items, you have a lot of license to make Hamphrey’s vacation home look like it came straight from Mordor. Or if you wanted something a little tamer, a smoky barbeque joint is on the table.

5 Cephalobot – My Other Home

A split image of robot squid villager Cephalobot in an ancient ruin room, and a villager in an experiment chair of a green lab with Cephalobot behind

There are a few other sci-fi-themed villager themes you can find in Happy Home Paradise, and each one has great furniture items to spark fun ideas. Cephalobot’s “Other Home” prompt might be the best, simply for the implication that Cephalobot isn’t “from here”.

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The rock island in the north of the Happy Home Paradise map is a great location for this build, especially if you have some Asteroids to decorate the yard with to invoke some heavy “outer space” feels. Whether Cephalobot’s “Other Home” is a secret experimental lab, a robot manufacturing factory, or something more sinister is totally up to you.

4 Tabby – A Scary Old Hospital

A split image of orange cat villager Tabby and a group of villagers in doctor coats in a hospital room

Sure, eventually you will unlock the “Hospital” facility on the Happy Home Paradise island, but you know what’s even cooler to decorate? A haunted hospital. Yes, Animal Crossing went there.

Tabby wants you to help her “contrast my cute vibe with a scary old hospital”, and this theme comes complete with a Skeleton, Operating-Room Cart, and Hospital Bed to really set the spooky mood. The potential to make an abandoned asylum or even a Silent Hill hospital tribute is massive with this theme.

3 Rod – A Pirate’s Secret Hideaway

A split image of purple mouse villager Rod and a villager trapped behind jail bars as pirate Rod looks on

Could anything be more fun than designing a pirate’s hideaway for a cute little purple mouse? Rod wants a relaxing retreat to stow away, complete with Barrels, Candles, and an Antique Map.

While the required items might not be the fanciest, the build comes with plenty of useful furniture, like a Creepy Skeleton, Jail Bars, and some super cute pirate outfits to dress you and Rod up in for pictures once the home is complete. Bonus points if you can get a Yacht from one of your other villager vacation homes to add to Rod’s pirate paradise.

2 Rasher – Not-Too-Serious Secret Base

A split image of red pig villager Rasher and an angry villager with Rasher on couch in background beside chemistry set

Animal Crossing knew what it was doing when it gave you an Upright Locker, a Pile of Cash, and an Aluminum Briefcase for this villager home request. Rasher’s theme of a “secret base for me and my pals to horse around” might sound innocent, but if this theme doesn’t scream Breaking Bad, what does?

Any of the desert locations are perfect spots to set this vacation home, and there’s plenty of room to toy around with what nefarious activities the Hawaiian shirt-clad Rasher and his “pals” might be up to. Home-cooked drugs? Bank robbery? Car theft? Bell fraud?! Oh, the possibilities.

1 Lionel – Restroom Refuge

A split image of regal lion Lionel and Lionel sitting on a golden toliet in a bathroom while a villager shows him off

If you have ever had Lionel on your island, then you know that this villager is absolutely tasteless. Well, it seems that the people behind the Happy Home Paradise DLC agree because, fittingly, the only thing Lionel wants in his dream vacation home is a bunch of toilets.

“You can never have too many toilets when company’s over.” Bet you never thought you would ever have so many toilet and bathroom furniture items to choose from, but the creme de la creme of this vacation home has to be the golden “throne”. Truly a palace fit only for the smug Lionel himself.

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