Ann Wright: November in the garden

Tumble – complete with putting red, orange and yellow hued leaves has been ushered in with early dry circumstances and colder nights – now, welcome rain. The slide colours did not disappoint this yr the trees and shrubs in our area have been attractive!

With the much-essential rain, there appears so a great deal to do in the backyard that was not performed before this tumble. A examine checklist of back garden duties is expanding, some of which will require to hold out right up until the weather settles. At the best of the list: thoroughly clean up and go over up.

Fall cleanup is critical to help protect against ailment and regulate pests. Leaves and backyard particles from modern storms will be composted, as well as dry, fallen fruit. Invested pepper, tomato and herbs crops will be slice to the floor and composted. Lifted beds not planted with cool period vegetables will be mulched with straw dahlia tubers will be meticulously dug up and divided. Lifeless and damaged branches will be pruned from trees with heavier pruning to be done when much more leaves have dropped. (The wintertime dormant period of time commonly takes place after leaves have fallen but before bud break in the spring.)

On a sunny dry working day, peach trees will be sprayed for peach leaf curl, with a fixed copper fungicide answer. Horticultural oil will be sprayed on my plum tree to test to get a handle early on aphid and mite infestations. This will be repeated from starting of dormancy (now) until just right before the flower buds start to open up subsequent spring.

Preparing of backyard garden beds for winter incorporates covering bare soil with mulch – leaves, pine needles, straw, whatever is offered. A layer of compost or dry manure with a straw layer to include it will proceed to decompose gradually more than the winter season to enrich your soil, draw in earthworms, and feed the valuable microbes necessary for healthful spring crops. In some of the open beds, address crops will be planted to help contend with upcoming season’s weeds as well as providing a layer of “green manure.” Cover crops will also enable avert soil erosion and raise natural matter in the soil. Winter season mix include crop seed is commonly available — wintertime vetch, peas and clover are examples of go over crop seed which could be uncovered in some seed mixes.

Now is also a very good time to direct sow wildflower seed – primarily if the spot has been weeded and soil loosened. Bulbs that have been chilling in the refrigerator since last spring (these kinds of as narcissus, tulips or hyacinths) can be planted now or established in pots for winter season forcing. Garlic, bare-root artichokes, and onion bulbs can also be planted now sow seeds of peas, parsley and spinach.

Prepare soil for future planting of bare-root trees and plants this sort of as berries, fruit trees or roses, which are mostly obtainable in January and February. The fantastic soaking rain we’ve experienced will make function simpler – dig, weed and amend the soil if required to get ready for plantings later on this winter. Store for trees, shrubs and vines now for slide shade subsequent calendar year.

Cleanup also applies to backyard applications. When having ready to place instruments absent, use a wire brush, putty knife or steel wool to remove clumps of dust and mud adhered to the software. Sap is easily eliminated with turpentine or tar remover. Wash the tools with the hose and enable them to dry completely. If rust is visible, clean up it off. Use steel wool or a wire bush – rust is tricky on equipment! Future, oil steel pieces to safeguard them from dampness. A coating of device oil is high-quality, but vegetable oil is just as powerful and significantly less toxic. A couple drops of 3-in-1 multipurpose oil to the pivot of shears and loppers will preserve them functioning effortlessly. For resources with wooden handles, sand evenly with sandpaper to take out tough spots and splinters then wipe the wooden with linseed oil.

The Grasp Gardeners of Nevada County have completed the year of general public workshops. We have missed remaining in human being at the Demonstration Yard, and we are grateful for those who tuned into our virtual workshops. A lot of of our workshops have been recorded, and are readily available on the web page ( , on the still left-aspect menu, underneath “Workshop Recordings”). From Compost to Water Smart Gardening, there are a lot of topics offered to watch. Workshops for 2022 will be posted quickly. We are also wanting forward to introducing some new faces to our ranks. The Learn Gardener schooling will begin in January and right after weekly courses in Grass Valley, new Grasp Gardeners will be on board early in May perhaps, 2022!

Ann Wright is a Nevada County Learn Gardener

Fall foliage on the NID Grounds, around the Learn Gardener Demonstration Garden.
Picture by Ann Wright