Action Tracker: A New Year’s Resolution like no “Otter” | Home & Garden

Creeeeeeeek….below we go again…

A chill is in the air, frost dresses the floor with a crystal white blanket handwoven by Old Gentleman Winter himself, the hustle and bustle of the holiday break time is rapid approaching, and in the end, we get ready ourselves to wave goodbye to the outdated 12 months when embracing the new. The New Year… several feelings and emotions invoked by just the strategy of it. A new me, a new likelihood, a new knowledge beyond the confined confines of this previous 12 months, which let us be straightforward, never permit us totally stretch our wings to become the individual we certainly are, appropriate? This yr will be distinctive! Can’t you truly feel it?! 

And still, as you kick your feet up and slip away into a daydream of essentially spotting a river otter this yr in your local creek, the clock strikes on the midnight hour, and all the frequent interruptions start out to flood your mind when once again. 

What changes will I make? What am I heading to do differently? How can I superior myself? How can I be better for other folks? How can I do this the complete calendar year? I necessarily mean let’s be sincere, it’s nerve-racking getting a better individual, ideal? 

But remember to, this 12 months of all other a long time, don’t even stress about it. Never even sweat! Never even squander an ounce of pressure on this decision. And convey to other people not to fear as well. Mainly because Streets to Creeks has your again. There is a way to physical exercise, make a change regionally, and quantify your achievement all in a person very simple resolution. It is an ground breaking and new notion for your New Year’s Resolution. Anything that is impactful, meaningful, and purposeful … it is from Streets to Creeks, and it is named Action Tracker!  

Which is suitable! It’s already sitting in this article just ready for you to just take the wheel and generate a marketing campaign to better our entire world, our waterways, our wildlife, and you. Action Tracker is a way for you to established a aim and inform your story on how you built this globe a improved location this yr. A lot of palms make mild get the job done and straightforward actions have wonderful impacts toward safeguarding our neighborhood community waterways, creeks, and river. Motion Trackers secure their nearby creeks from streets.  Established a purpose and explain to the story of your determination to shield our creeks. Invite close friends, classmates, neighbors, or any like-minded people to monitor their actions to satisfy your target, collectively. In which will you focus your constructive adjustments?  Currently there are 3 basic pursuits to pick from that will assistance you keep track of your results relevant to avoiding litter, car or truck washing rinse h2o, or pet waste (even backyards have drains that lead to our creeks) from being transported into our fishable, swimmable, and drinkable area waterways. 

Inspire other individuals, elevate social recognition, or determine to get enthusiastic and encouraged by other’s campaigns. You can do this independently, arrange your neighborhood, encourage your community club or group (believe Rotary Club, Woman Scouts, Chess Club), or even problem your regional business leaders and join in their initiatives to lead by case in point. Just go to and click on the Motion Tracker website link to get started!  

So really don’t be concerned about your New Year’s resolution this yr.  Your Motion Tracker Marketing campaign tabulates all efforts and supplies you with useful insight into how your actions have held pollutants like litter, pathogens, soap and additional from our creeks. 

Bear in mind, if it’s in the street, it can get into the creek untreated. And in the stop, this is all of Ours to Secure.

And as Previous Guy Wintertime arrives knocking on the door again following calendar year as he normally does, possibly he’ll be very tickled that our streets and our creeks are a bit tidier for him this time close to many thanks to you. 

This report was authored by Aaron Nunez, Environmental Expert, City of Santa Rosa, on behalf of RRWA. RRWA is an association of neighborhood public businesses in the Russian River Watershed that have occur collectively to coordinate regional programs for clean h2o, habitat restoration, and watershed improvement.