3 Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Scandi-Inspired Makeover

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If you’re on a mission to curate an interior that’s ever on-trend, a pared-back Scandinavian aesthetic isn’t going anywhere fast. With minimalist silhouettes, neutral tones and natural textures, it’s a style that complements a wide host of contemporary homes. What’s not to love?

Scandinavian interiors are understated but cosy and simple yet striking. In essence, a combination of form and functionality. We think there’s no better way to update your home this year than by trying out a Scandi-inspired home makeover. Keep reading for our top tips, plus product recommendations from House Beautiful Marketplace.

Soft, neutral hues are the cornerstone of Scandinavian interiors and work with whitewashed walls to create bright, light and airy spaces. Think tones of beige, brown, grey, cream and taupe. Shades that reflect those found in nature (such as tawny wood tones) are also key to achieving a Scandi look.

We recommend investing in home décor that is stripped back but also incorporates these colours. The Belle Body Line Print combines a neutral background with a minimalist, line-drawn design. It would work as both a standalone piece and a great addition to a gallery wall. It’s just the thing for incorporating Scandi design sensibility into your home.

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The Sandy Vase (from Scandi design powerhouse Broste Copenhagen) combines a delicate engraved design with a beige base – a striking juxtaposition of simplicity and detail. It would look best when styled with dried flowers such as eucalyptus or cow parsley.

Soft furnishings such as throws and placemats in neutral tones also work well within a Scandinavian home, particularly as they also amp up the tactile and cosy aspects of your interior – another key ethos of Scandi design.

Wonky edges, rough surfaces and organically-inspired silhouettes all have their place in Scandinavian design. To make the most of texture in your home, choose pieces that are perfectly imperfect, or those that invite you to reach out and touch. For example, the rough raised lines of the Kafue Decoration Platter have an edgy appeal that looks handcrafted.

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Wicker and rattan are both great options as they combine woody tones with both a ribbed texture and an organic look. We love the Wicky Stool from Broste Copenhagen as it mixes natural wicker wood and a contemporary shape for an inviting yet modern flair. Use as either a side table or stool for maximum Scandi points.

We naturally associate keeping our hands off things with formality and rules, so by inviting touch, you instantly create an informal and unconstrained atmosphere. Tactile textures are also a key interior trend for 2022 and suit those who enjoy a well-designed but relaxed environment to unwind in. Whether this comes in the form of ceramics or soft furnishings, it’s a great way to invoke some of the informality found in Scandi interiors.

Nothing, we repeat, nothing, is as instantly recognisable as Scandinavian as much as pared-back, minimalist design. Uncomplicated and unfussy are both words that spring to mind. Think sleek lines and a distinct avoidance of anything too distracting.

Beauty in simplicity is recognisable in Scandi design and can help to give your home an open, airy feel. Light varieties of wood, such as that seen on the Anja Console Table, complement minimalist design beautifully.

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If you overhaul just one room, pick one where a change in furniture will make a noticeable difference. For example, switching up your kitchen by adding in a pared-back dining table and an equally minimal matching bench will make for a great visual focal point. This is especially true when you add in the neutral shades mentioned previously, as well as ceramics in organic textures.

Of course, you can add simple silhouettes all over the house. A bench in the hallway or a side table (or two) are quick additions but make a world of difference visually.

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