16 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Accessories on TikTok 2022

tiktok home decor

Caitlin Choi

When it comes to adding your personality and style into your home, the finishing touches are what make your hard work look complete. We know, it seems overwhelming (and expensive!) to dive into decoration mode after you’ve finally finished all the big renovation projects, but fear not: that’s where TikTok comes in. There’s a whole world of interior design on TikTok, but one of the best corners of the app to find inspiration are home styling videos. TikToker users love to show how they add their personal touch to anything—a shelf, a coffee table, an accent wall—you name it, they’re styling it. The amazing finds are also all about convenience and accessibility, so most of the home decor accessories you see on TikTok are available on sites like Amazon and Walmart. That means fast (usually free) shipping and affordable prices. In that spirit, we kept everything on this list under $50.

True to TikTok fashion, when a product goes viral, you’ll see it virtually everywhere you scroll on your “For Your Page.” Usually, those are the finds that are well worth your attention and show up at your doorstep looking so much more expensive than they actually are—it’s a “what I ordered vs. what I got,” shopping spree, gone well. If you’re redecorating or looking for inspiration, here are our favorite home decor accessories that are trending on TikTok right now.

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Wireless Gallery Light

A gallery light will make your favorite piece of artwork look like it belongs in a museum. The best part about this one? It doesn’t require hardwiring! It is battery operated and comes with remote control.


Sage Pedestal Ceramic Bowl

A ceramic vessel is an empty shelf’s best friend. Use this to effortlessly style your bookcase or floating shelves, and maybe even stash away some sweet treats (it’s food safe!). This bowl could also make an eye-catching coffee table centerpiece.


Glass Mushroom Lamp

TikTokers are obsessing over these glass lamps right now—along with all other things 1970s. They cast a soft ambient glow, so they’re perfect for your bedside table, and add visual interest with retro flair.


Seagrass Belly Baskets, Set of 2

There’s no such thing as too many baskets. These seagrass belly baskets are great for plants or for storing blankets—and they come in a set of two, so you can use one for each!


Glass Match Cloche

Candle-lovers on TikTok are obsessed with match cloches, and we couldn’t agree more. Display one next to your favorite candle for functional and aesthetically pleasing decor.


Faux Pampas Grass

Pampas grass has been filling our Instagram feeds for years, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. TikTokers are partial to the faux variety, like this one, because it won’t shed and will last forever.


Chelsea Cement Box

A decorative storage box is a great finishing touch to any shelf, desk, or tabletop. It adds visual interest while hiding away pesky little knickknacks we all seem to have laying around.


Ceramic Circle Vase

Every home needs at least one funky vase! Circle vases like this one are all the rage right now, but you could also opt for a u-shaped vase, a statuesque bust vase, or a whimsical peace sign vase.


12×12 Picture Frames

Gallery walls are a lot of work, and they can get pretty expensive if you don’t have extra frames on hand. For a more straightforward approach, opt for this set of nine square frames. They make an elegant and timeless gallery wall.


Ceramic Snack Plate

This little ceramic tray is perfect for keys, loose change, jewelry, or any other trinkets you have laying around. The wave detailing and beveled edge will make it pop on any surface.


Frutero Basket

This fruit basket has deep, straight sides and a wide base, made to fit a bounty of apples, peaches, grapes, or whatever else is in season. It could also amp up your next charcuterie display.


Hand-Carved Teak Wood Bowl

This teak wood bowl from Amazon is the real deal—and for a fraction of the price that you’d find it elsewhere. Each bowl is hand-crafted from solid Indonesian teak so it has unique knots and grains that give it character. Amazon reviewers have also mentioned being hit by a fresh wood scent when they open the box.


37″ Artificial Olive Tree

If you want the liven up your space with some greenery but can’t seem to keep plants alive, opt for an artificial olive tree. They’re one of the most convincing fakes you can get (hence why they’re all over TikTok)!


Levi Storage Ladder

If you have an empty wall or corner space that you don’t know what to do with, try filling it out with a blanket ladder. They can store a lot more than just blankets, like hanging plants or even keys and bags, plus they give some nice height to an underutilized space.


Sutton Taper Candle Holder

Taper candles are a great way to add charm to any space on a budget, but you’ll need a candle holder to display them to their full potential. This minimal speckled stone holder makes your candle be the star, and it even has a lip to catch any dripping wax.


Brass and Leather Sling Magazine Holder

If you have piles of magazines, books, or any sort of papers laying around, grab a magazine holder. They look great next to a desk, sofa, or accent table, and are just another way to manage clutter while adding some style.

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