Why Your Startup Needs a VoIP System and How to Build One

Have you ever played phone tag with a customer or colleague? It’s frustrating for everyone and ultimately leads to nothing getting done. VoIP is a game-changing solution for businesses that want to work remotely. Most offices are wired for internet and ethernet, so VoIP can easily be deployed in those spaces.

Improved Customer Service

If a customer is calling your business to ask questions, make a purchase, or report an issue, they need to be able to get in touch with someone as quickly as possible. A reliable VoIP system helps ensure this by giving customers multiple ways to reach you, including chat, text, and voice, so they can always find the help they need. Some VoIP services also offer conference features to help you collaborate with remote workers and clients. This is especially helpful for sales teams that need to connect with prospects or partners. Some providers even watch for international call fraud and quickly shut off international calling on your trunk when detected.it is good to check out Ooma guide to VoIP phone systems for more valuable information.


VoIP business phone systems can be a cost-effective alternative to conventional landlines. The system allows even a one-person company to project the image of a larger organization, and features like auto attendants help ensure callers always connect with a live person. In addition to the cost-efficiency, VoIP technology offers several other benefits for startups. For example, operators can record calls for future reference, and the technology can also provide analytics and metrics on call performance to help businesses optimize their operations. Another advantage of a VOIP system is that it’s easy to configure and upgrade to fit the needs of a growing startup. For instance, adding new lines or activating additional features can be done with a button. This is a significant benefit compared to updating an in-office telephone system, which often requires the purchase of new hardware and can be costly.

Increased Productivity

When paired with CRM systems, VoIP solutions allow companies to communicate with clients through all channels, improve their customer journey and ensure that customers can always get help when needed. This helps increase productivity and builds a strong collaborative company culture. Many VoIP providers offer security features to protect your business from fraudulent calls. These can be as simple as monitoring call logs to identify suspicious activity or providing a dedicated help desk to address concerns. The right provider can even watch in real time for international call fraud and immediately shut off the trunk and alert both you and the network operations center to stop the problem in its tracks.

Greater Flexibility

A VoIP business phone system allows you to communicate clearly and affordably across multiple devices, including desktop, mobile, and video conference. The flexibility offered by a VOIP system makes it easier to keep your team connected and productive no matter where they work. VoIP call quality depends on the strength of your internet connection. To ensure the best experience, opt for fiber or high-speed ethernet connections and run an internet speed test to determine whether your internet is fast enough for VoIP. Additionally, a good provider protects your startup against international call fraud by watching in real time for unusual activities that could indicate fraud. This feature stops unauthorized calls in progress, shuts off international calling on the trunk, and quickly alerts you and the service desk of any suspicious behavior.