‘Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?’ Reveals Where $3K May Be Hiding

Kim Wolfe, the “Survivor” winner turned home renovation professional, has a one of a kind mission on her new HGTV exhibit, “Why the Heck Did I Get This Dwelling?”

“I help householders who have a really lousy case of buyer’s regret,” she summarizes. Considering that homes really don’t appear with a return plan, she and her job supervisor/builder husband Bryan assist these homeowners renovate their house so it far better fits their desires.

On the latest episode, “Clash of the Many years,” Jamie and Tye West want some critical updates to their midcentury modern residence in San Antonio, TX. It’s cursed with a dysfunctional kitchen and an uncomfortable format.

“It’s a midcentury time capsule, type of quirky and different,” states Kim.

Jamie and Tye West in their classic living room


“I do not want to acquire away from the midcentury allure that this property has, but I want to remove the dysfunction that is interrupting my lifetime,” claims Jamie.

Kim and Bryan are self-assured they can switch this property all around with a $75,000 renovation budget. Here’s how they extend every single dollar—and locate some more money hiding in a astonishing place—to make what is outdated search new all over again. Even if you adore your home, you could possibly see a great deal of design wisdom you’ll be influenced to consider on your individual abode to make it far better than at any time.

Reuse kitchen cabinets

Kitchen with blue painted cabinets
Kitchen with recycled cabinets painted blue


There is absolutely nothing mistaken with the durable kitchen area cupboards that arrived with the dwelling. There had been just also numerous of them, and they were put so that the kitchen area appeared modest and cramped, and didn’t in good shape with the appliances.

Jenny has the best alternative: “Save funds by keeping and reusing the cabinets. We’re just likely to switch the doors. It is a way to definitely maintain the prices down in a kitchen remodel.”

To freshen the glimpse, they paint the cupboards a wealthy, darkish blue and add brass pulls. They also get rid of the cupboards over the peninsula, completely opening the kitchen up to the dining region. It makes a remarkable variance.

Ditch the formal eating place

New office where a formal dining room used to be
The new business exactly where a formal eating home applied to be


There is a official eating area off the kitchen area that Tye and Jamie mostly use for storage. They under no circumstances consume there, and the eating table is the spot the place junk mail piles up. Seem acquainted?

“These dang official spaces! This is going on across the board for me all over the place I go,” declares Kim. “We sense this obligation to these spaces mainly because we had been explained to you really should have them, but nobody’s employing them. They’re totally like a museum, so I consider this official eating room has to go. We want to make it a part of your every day living experience.”

Due to the fact there’s a breakfast place off the kitchen where by the total family generally eats, Bryan and Kim have a large amount of latitude in the eating home. They shift a wall and subtract house from the eating room and give it to the kitchen area. With the kitchen area more substantial and brighter, the dining room feels lesser and cozier. It’s now great for Tye’s new household place of work and a significantly better use of area.

Paint the paneling

Vintage looking living room with painted white paneling.
Residing place with painted white paneling


Jamie loves her honey-colored wood paneling because it reminds her of the property she grew up in. It is tough for her to see that the ubiquitous paneling dates the dwelling and tends to make it seem monochromatic and truly feel closed in.

Kim states she can’t depart all the paneling in spot, since they’re widening doorways, plastering in excess of the brick hearth, and including other functions that make it difficult to match the paneling all over the home.

The remedy is to paint the paneling white, but in a mild wash so the wood grain is even now visible. The benefits appear fresh and present day, and Jamie is thrilled.

Store your garage and have a property sale

Kim finds valuable yard sale items in the garage
Kim Wolfe finds important lawn sale products in the garage.


Through the transforming process, Kim finds a aid article in the center of the kitchen that will have to be bolstered with a assistance beam in the ceiling. That will charge an excess $3,000 that is not in the spending budget.

To cover the cost, Kim goes looking in Jamie’s garage to come across myriad invaluable objects that she is aware of will offer at a garden sale. There are brass trays, sconces, baskets, lamps, rugs, wallpaper—all kinds of matters that could carry in added cash.

On the working day of the yard sale, dozens of individuals clearly show up, several drawn in by the listings Kim posted online. They conclusion up bringing in $3,425, which also provides them an further $425 to use for wallpaper in the entryway.

Use black and white to modernize classic colors

Dining area and kitchen with black and white Terrazzo flooring
Eating place and kitchen with black and white terrazzo flooring

“Black and white is these types of a pleasurable way to modernize older items, since it does feel textural and graphic and it can kind of lean toward present day,” claims Kim.

She decides to include that characteristic to the flooring, which is a brown tile that the homeowners despise. Kim thinks black and white terrazzo is the perfect solution.

“Terrazzo is producing a enormous comeback,” she says. “It’s a vintage typical, so it’s fantastic for the Wests. It was all the rage in the ’60’s, and now it’s back in a major way.”