‘No Demo Reno’ IDs the Best $10,000 You Can Spend on Renovation Today

On “No Demo Reno,” designer Jennifer Todryk is aware of that several house owners place off renovations since they’re high priced. But she has solutions to maintain budgets in check—and even make dollars purging previous things!

In the episode “Work Challenging Play Tough,” Todryk fulfills Latasha Sims, whose daughter Simone is leaving for higher education in a yr. So the two want to make their previous months jointly unique, which would help if their Dallas, TX, residence felt a bit more comfy and useful.

“Their property is form of missing design and style,” Todryk suggests. “They mentioned that they really do not see by themselves in their layout and there is no cohesive glance in any respect.”

Todryk claims she can fully make above the Sims’ cramped kitchen area and personality-totally free relatives space in 7 weeks for $75,000.

In the meantime, the Hogan spouse and children, which contains 8-year-aged twin boys, demands their playroom reorganized so it is not a mess all the time and meets both of those son’s demands. They are supplying Todryk two to 3 months and $8,000 to 9,000 to accomplish this.

Here’s how Todryk pulls off both renovations, with a lot of smart suggestions on how to help save (and make) funds your self.

Purge popcorn ceilings

Contractor Victor advises Jenn Todryk on getting rid of a popcorn ceiling.
Contractor Victor advises Jenn Todryk on obtaining rid of a popcorn ceiling.


Every person appreciates that bumpy popcorn ceilings need to be banished.

“They’re incorporating many years to my lifestyle!” suggests Latasha.

But to do it appropriate, it’s a minor more difficult than climbing up on a ladder and getting at it with a water spray bottle and a scraper. That white crumbly stuff normally has asbestos in it, which is dangerous—and it will make a huge mess.

The first action, in accordance to Todryk, is masking the floors. In this scenario, nonetheless, they’re changing all the floors. So they operate on the ceiling right before they place the new flooring in and it’s no huge deal.

The 2nd aspect is suiting up. Todryk wears white plastic disposable coveralls with a hood to deal with her head, a protecting vest, goggles and gloves. It seems to be preposterous, but it operates.

The difficult aspect is the genuine elimination.

“When taking away popcorn ceilings, you require a paint rig—essentially a paint sprayer—but we’ve set water in it,” she claims. “You’re spraying up on the ceiling, you are letting it moisten so it detaches by itself from the drywall, and then you basically scrape it off.”

It may possibly sound complex, but it only price $10,000 to finally get rid of the dated ceilings on the complete 1st flooring.

Stage your furnishings right before advertising it

Photographing a sofa to sell online
Photographing a couch to sell online


“Latasha and Simone did not have good issues to say about the couch, mainly because it eats up the full room. I really feel like I can get them a superior sofa,” says Todryk. “And for the reason that of that, I posted the sofa for sale and it looks like we’re likely to be ready to offer it.”

Todryk is constantly all about reselling household furniture, cabinets, and appliances to help save her purchasers income, but in this episode, she provides us a intelligent notion for having the most cash achievable for applied things.

She does not just photograph the couch as is—she phases it. She moves it into the Sims’ magnificent teal-coloured place of work, the place nearly any household furniture would glimpse stylish. As soon as the pics are posted on line, the couch sells in no time.

“I love promoting things simply because I love finding my customers far more revenue in their spending budget that they’re not anticipating.” she says.

Matching brass is far more complicated than you assume

Matching brass
Matching brass


“There’s, like, 89 shades of brass,” says Todryk as she tries to match the pulls, knobs and fixtures in the kitchen. “Unless you’re having true, un-lacquered brass, if it’s not designed by the very same organization, you get a unique sheen across the board.”

The issue is, the company that tends to make the pulls she likes does not make knobs. As she holds up the rose-gold pulls she’s picked, the knobs from a further producer look yellow future to them, and the antique brass knobs “just appear dirty,” she claims.

“Brass is astounding until it sucks,” she mutters.

In the close she likes the pulls far better in any case, so ends up heading with all pulls, no knobs.

Luxurious vinyl plank flooring is a no-brainer to help you save money

Light luxury vinyl planking
Light-weight luxurious vinyl planking


“Light hardwoods are actually on trend,” claims Todryk as she outlets for flooring to change the grouted tile in the Sims’ kitchen and adjacent loved ones home. “They lighten up the room, they make it search more substantial, search brighter. When the light hits it, it just reflects that daylight.”

But if it seems to be like hardwood, it does not necessarily have to be hardwood she notes as she selects luxurious vinyl planks.

“I appreciate it so a great deal for the reason that you get this seriously light-weight, white oak floor,” Tydryk states. “But you get the h2o resistance and the other truly excellent qualities that LVP has.”

Make confident youngsters have adequate storage

New playroom with lots of storage
New playroom with loads of storage


“I think the biggest point with kids’ spaces is they have to have effortless firm,” claims Todryk when speaking about the playroom venture with the Hogans. “Whenever you say, ‘OK, go clean up your area,’ they know what to do, they know where to put it, they can maintain up with it.”

She also admits, “I’m talking from experience—if it’s also significantly, they cry.”

As they examine the playroom, Todryk tells the Hogans, “I think the major issue is that you absence storage space. Like how do they thoroughly clean up and decide up if they really do not seriously have wherever to place the things? We want to get some shelves in listed here. That way the boys can decide on up.”

She has a significant storage cabinet designed with bins and shelving house, so the boys can just dump all their toys in and be done.

How do these no-demo renovations end up?

At the Hogans’ household, both equally moms and dads and little ones are elated. Who would not be when the playroom involves a climbing wall, a swinging rope, a basketball net, a desk for crafts and research, and that dazzling storage cabinet? In actuality, the father is so thrilled he wants to re-find his dwelling place of work there!

More than at the Sims’ property, the mom-daughter duo is so happy they tear up.

“This is a massive option and I struggled with regardless of whether we required to do this or not,” Latasha admits. “I wrestle with large choices, with paying out loads of dollars. But this is well worth it. You know, you operate tricky, you perform difficult, and now it’s time to enjoy.”

Remodeled kitchen
Remodeled kitchen area