Measuring particulate matter in your own home and garden

Stir-frying veggies in a wok, but also vacuuming or ironing. – Every thing that includes warmth and friction makes particulate subject. This signifies that particulate make a difference not only arrives from exhaust fumes, sector or wood-burning heaters. The progressive particulate make any difference meter from AeroCount tells you what the scenario is when it arrives to particulate make a difference in your possess house.

Particulate matter can bring about all sorts of ailments and hazardous wellbeing ailments, such as aggravation of cardiovascular or respiratory illnesses. Virus particles also adhere to particulate subject. The bigger the concentration of particulate make a difference, the simpler the transmission of viruses. A thing that we have a tendency to be pretty rather cautious of these days.


But how higher is the focus of particulate matter seriously in your personal dwelling? “Many persons really don’t have a clue,” states Beate Stevens (27), founder of AeroCount. That is why, with each other with her fellow college students, she arrived up with the concept for a particulate make a difference meter for in the home. She in the beginning did this in 2014 for a research assignment for the Panorama Foodstuff and Wellbeing class at Radboud University College of Science in Nijmegen. “It commences with building measurements and getting mindful of it. When is the concentration way too high? Then you can appear up with alternatives for filtering particulate make any difference so that you can in fact enhance the air top quality.”

Beate Stevens, founder of AeroCount

From review to an actual solution

Following the investigate assignment, they ended up so enthusiastic that a few learners decided to do the job with their professor, Frans Harren, to lengthen the research more and appear up with a company plan that would guide to the creation of a authentic product or service. “We required to build an inexpensive machine that individuals could effortlessly use in their properties or gardens,” Stevens explains. While nonetheless at college, they looked into the technological and financial feasibility of planning this type of particulate meter. The organization AeroCount was subsequently started in 2019.

Also outdoor

A significant particulate issue focus creates poor air quality. Much too significant a focus of particulate subject in your dwelling? Stevens: “You would then imagine: open the home windows. Other than when the particulate make any difference concentration outdoors is increased than indoors, for example, since of pollen or exhaust fumes when there is not a great deal wind. Then it is greater to leave the windows closed. So it is sensible to measure the concentration of particulate make a difference in a number of locations.”

Filter system

About the class of two decades, AeroCount developed a handy particulate meter which has been on the market for various months now. Customers can hang the compact unit indoors as well as outside. In the meantime, Stevens and her colleagues are doing lots of investigation into what to do following. “At current, we can measure the concentration amounts, but it is, of study course, even superior if you can do anything about it. There are a number of filter systems on the market currently. But we are in the system of working on a new, distinctive procedure,” says Stevens. “The prototype is all set and it functions.”

Het apparaatje dat de fijnstof meet up with.


AeroCount won the Jan Terlouw Innovation Prize 2020 past calendar year. This award is meant for sustainable and modern businesses as an incentive, and geared in direction of start out-ups and compact enterprises in particular. The variety of performing experiments in the lab to evaluate and filter particulate subject, mixed with coming up with new solutions, is what appeals to Stevens. “It’s a interest that I’m doing the job on quite a great deal night and working day these times. That’s the ultimate aspiration of a great deal of learners who have a good concept.”

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