La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Nov. 7 | Home & Garden

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Corrie and Lucas Brekke to Ward Dobbs, 622 Johnson St., $215,000.

Donald C. and Donald K. Graham to Judith Hooper, 5540 Orion Court, $35,000.

Robert and Shirley Hanson to Nancy Olson and Gregory Potts, 237 Liberty St.

Alacia Pierce to Anna Kass and Brad Skaer, 1026 28th St. S., $237,000.

Andlars Properties LLC to Clement Jr and Mary Wachuta, 916 Tyler St., $110,000.

Beth and Erik Forde to Panchajanya Real Estate LLC, 1405 and 1407 Fifth Ave. S., $220,000.

Joel Paulson to Charity Mauss, 1116 14th St. S., $138,000.

Andrew and Lyanna Opitz to Critical Mass Fitness LLC, 1444 Farnam St., $95,000.

Critical Mass Fitness LLC to KW Reynolds Properties LLC, 303 Causeway Blvd., $180,000.

Easton Kopmeier to Debra Schubert, 5037 County Road B, $184,900.

James Fox and Mary Nelson to Erica Ells and Ryan Kelly, 2015 21st Terrace S., $206,000.

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La Crosse VA LLC to NGP VII La Crosse WI LLC, 4000 and 4040 State Road 16, $13,450,000.

Justin Hein to Justin and Karla Hein, 3031 Losey Blvd S.

Chad Cullmann and Carli Meil to Zachary Bieze and Mykenzie Quartullo, 2206 Market St., $170,000.

Lue and Pa Moua, Xia Thao to Jonathan Hakes, 1429 Farnam St., $138,425.

Jennifer Olson and Sheriff La Crosse County to Freedom Mortgage Corp, 2322 Kane St.

Jane and Jeffrey Koll to Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation, 4005 Sunnyside Drive and 6217 State Road 35.

Joint Burmeister Revocable Trust to Heather and Jordan Rose, 2825 Denton St., $192,000.

Lakeside Investment Properties LLC to Dylan Lyons, 1827 Liberty St., $140,000.

La Crosse Investment Group LLC to Backward is Forward LLC, 158 State Road 16, $315,000.

Lopez V Inc to Michael Gray, 1409 28th St. S., $128,525.

Stephanie Burns to Mikayla Lukwitz, 1635 Hyde Ave., $130,000.

Great River Homes LLC to Kathleen Brieske, 6207 River Run Road, $359,970.

Steven Eide to Joseph Klingbeil, 718 Island St., $54,300.

Heather and Samuel Sayles to Danielle Luckner and Gary Walleser, 2618 Van Loon Road, $150,000.

Steven Shuda to Steve and Susan Shuda, 1729 Prospect St.

Jeffrey and Wendy Winterfield to Winterfield Properties LLC, 933, 935, 937 and 939 Avon St.

Terry Erickson to Higher House Properties LLC, 1025 and 1027 Redfield St., $105,000.

Elizabeth Tischer to Elizabeth Tischer Irrevocable Trust, 3019 Denton St.

Becky Valentine to Steve Vang and Kia Yang, 1824 Weston St., $165,000.

Diana and Jeffre Marriott to Sara Peters and Kyle Pherson, 1611 Adams St., $190,000.

Edna Spohn Revocable Trust to J&L Real Estate LLC, 2017 19th St. S., $159,900.

Rita and Terry Gruntzel to Emily Strutt, 2948 23rd St. S., $160,000.

Goehner Investments 1 LLC to Forte Properties LLC, 432 Cass St., $340,000.

Olson Rentals Properties LLC to Absolute Rentals LLC, 1720 and 1722 George St., $245,000.

David Phipps to David Phipps Revocable Trust, 1115 Fifth Ave. S.

S&K Connor LLC to Alexander Wasieleski, 909 Division St., $163,000.

Burleigh Randolph to Burleigh Randolph Revocable Trust, 555 Losey Blvd N.

Mary and Neil Tomczak to Ian Olson, 2125 Park Ave., $181,300.

Steven Hougom to Dem Larson Properties LLC, 208 20th St. N., $203,500.

Monty Foster and Kathleen Turben to Alexis Gomez, 909 Green Bay St., $165,000.

Susan Tarm to Emily Jennison and Thomas Moore, 325 21st St. S., $255,000.

Carlyn and Norman Ellis to Goliath Companies LLC to 1408 Vine St., $750,000.

Stephen Clark Estate to Kenneth Barrett and Carol Wiste-Barrett, 1501 Rose St., $180,100.


Karen Keim and David Schroeder to Kimberly Arenz, 3727 Emerald Drive E., $270,000.

Barbara and Daniel Sullivan to Jordan and Martina Litsheim, 214 14th Ave. N., $248,000.

Kimberly and Scott Arenz to Adam and Kristel Running, 1134 Aspen Valley Drive, $530,000.

Adam and Kristel Running to Kue Lee and Teng Yang, 605 Lake St., $292,000.

Joan, Terry and Todd Antony, Collette Johnson and Calene Muehlenkamp to Jolynn and Joseph Rihn, 661 Green Court, $237,900.

Chy Hang and Houa Xiong to JTD Rentals LLC, 1104 Well St., $23,400.

Raymond Miller Sr. to David, Matthew and RJ Miller Jr, 715 Second Ave. S.

David, Matthew and RJ Miller Jr. to Northern Grounds Properties LLC, 715 Second Ave. S., $635,000.

Diane Bean to Northern Grounds Properties LLC, 711 Second Ave. S., $217,000.

Donna Pedretti Revocable Trust to Patricia Freng, 1015 Kristy Lane, $200,000.

Amy Stevens to Jason and Mellanie Ferguson, 618 Sixth Ave. N., $239,900.

Holley Rentals LLC to Kenneth and Kimberly Guy, 1028 Westview Circle Drive, $255,000.

Theresa Cravens to Jill and Ryan Roesler, 715 Dutton St., $155,000.

Darrell Foster to Scott Gage, 787 St. Paul St., $90,000.

Hegenbarth Development LLC to Spencer Hegenbarth, 221 Coachlite Court S., $268,537.


Nicholas and Shaunte Goins to Lindsey Pugh, $314,000.

Derek and Jessica Wehrs to Bradley Stoner, $360,900.

Dale and Toni Groshek to Patricia and Royal Culpitt, $325,000.

Thorud Development LLC to Christopher and Sharon Anderson, $48,900.

Randy and Roxanne Betsinger to Randy and Roxanne Betsinger Family Trust.

Bratager Builders LLC to Scott Stuber Trust, $313,700.

Daniel and Maria Hoffman to Mercedes Freismuth, $265,500.

Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Linda and Michael Champion, $74,900.

Jacqueline and Joseph Triplett to Carla and Christopher Nelson, $420,000.


Quintin Schaitel and Trent Ziegler to Kyle Kast and Nicole Schuster, $220,000.


Susan Strauss Trust to Patricia Lyden, $230,000.

Daniel and Patricia Hougom to Eric and Vicki Kruse, $492,500.


Bruce and Darla Bingham to Brandon and Kimberly Meyer.


Zachary Kiefer to Gina and Zachary Kiefer.


John Colletti to Colletti Family Irrevocable Trust.


Anne, Barbara, James and Lloyd Gleason to Driftless Living Trust, $1,276,800.

Pleasant Valley Estates LLC to Driftless Living Trust, $12,200.


Joyce Pryor to Andrea Harkins and Roger Pryor, $45,000.

Audrey Johnson to Andrea Harkins and Roger Pryor, $45,000.


Brenda and Mark Suprenant to Nicholas and Nicole West, $660,000.

Beverly Wiste to Cory Ruud, $205,000.

Kenny and Sonya Moafanua to Matthew and Miranda Lien, $365,000.

Donna and Ronald Luethe to Elisabeth and Jeffrey Chapman, $112,500.


Sue and Timothy Carrier to Jamie and Jason Steinhoff, $345,000.

Mary Pollack-Boardman to Andrew Long and Renee Walton, $215,000.

Donna and Robert King to Donna and Robert King.

Margaret and Richard Schelbe to Beth Hoff and Joseph Zauner, $405,000.

Erin and Ryan Smith to Kendra and Michael Niemi, $485,000.


Mary and Michael Price, Price Revocable Living Family Trust to Heather and David Schomisch, $750,000.

Dale and Mildred Lorenz to Jennifer Anderson-Meger and Steven Meger, $385,000.

Kenneth Barrett and Carol Wiste-Barrett to Christina and Daniel Gerleman, $329,900.

Heather and Matthew Lukas to Peter and Diane Conway Joint Revocable Trust.


Diane and Richard Bushek to Brandon Arentz, $565,000.