Jasmine Roth of ‘Help! I Wrecked My House’ Spots One Thing You Should Never See Right Inside a Front Door

On “Help! I Wrecked My House,” host Jasmine Roth is aware of that it is all way too uncomplicated for householders to get started a residence renovation project—but then under no circumstances fairly complete.

Which is what is happened in the hottest episode, “You Really do not Entire Me,” in which property owners Audrey and Darin attempted some Do it yourself upgrades all-around their home in La Palma, CA, got stuck halfway by, then gave up.

During their dwelling, Roth finds holes in partitions, tiles pried off counter tops, and exposed wires in the ceiling. Darin is a union pipe fitter striving to develop into a full-time longshoreman, and Audrey is a communications coordinator. They also have two youthful children. With so considerably heading on, it is no wonder their household projects stalled.

“They do not have any further time to work on their property. Nonetheless, for some explanation, they hold taking on projects that are over their ability established and are way as well ambitious,” claims Roth.

She aims to renovate pretty much the full to start with ground, which features a kitchen area, family space, eating space, residing area, and staircase, on a finances of $120,000 and in just 7 months.

Even though she’s working her miracles, she exhibits us how to really entire a challenge or three quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. View and learn!

Make the pool table multipurpose

A clever pool table that converts to a dining table, and bench that contains storage
Go multipurpose with a pool table that converts into a dining desk and a bench that provides storage space.


As quickly as Roth enters the house, she sees the residing room is dominated by a large pool desk and very little else.

“Not to toss any shade, but when you walk in the doorway and see a pool table, it does not particularly set the tone for a spouse and children residence,” Roth says.

“It’s not very inviting,” agrees Audrey.

“Having a pool desk is awesome, but if you really don’t have an additional committed home for that pool desk to just sit there, it can experience like a squander of area,” carries on Roth.

So she orders a modern, black go over for the pool desk that converts it into an alternate eating desk. Then she types a bench that can be used as eating table seating, but also opens up and reveals storage area for cues, balls, and other pool paraphernalia.

Look at porcelain counter tops

Roth examining a porcelain counter slab
Jasmine Roth analyzing a porcelain counter slab


You see a great deal of dwelling remodeling exhibits the place they tout the virtues of quartz, but Roth shows us another content that has quite a few of the exact same rewards.

“This is an interesting product,” says Roth as she displays Audrey close to the supplies yard. “This is truly porcelain. It seems to be like marble, but it has the sturdiness of porcelain. So it will not stain, will not scratch, lasts without end. It is massive-scale, and it is printed to seem like marble.”

It is also fewer high priced than marble, making this a earn-win.

Really do not do away with the stove vent in your kitchen area

Custom hood and vent system
Personalized hood and vent technique


Darin and Audrey have a small kitchen area island that includes an electric powered stovetop, and they hated the low-hanging vent that came down from the ceiling around it. It blocked their perspective and produced the kitchen area feel claustrophobic.

So they just ripped it out and place duct tape in excess of the hole in the ceiling to maintain bugs from coming in.

“When we’re cooking, we just ordinarily leave the windows open or place the fan on,” explains Audrey.

Roth does a excellent work of hiding her horror, but does prepare to transfer the stove up against the wall and have a gorgeous hood and vent custom-created that will remedy this challenge.

“We’re heading to insert a customized hood vent, and I think that’s heading to be the ‘wow’ issue in this kitchen,” she says.

Resolve a hazardous staircase

New, safe staircase
New, secure staircase


It’s apparent that the staircase has not been designed to recent code. There is so significantly room in between the balusters that a youngster or pet could quickly fall through, and the railing is so very low an adult could basically tumble around it.

Roth, of study course, will solution this condition, but instead than obtaining a whole new staircase constructed that could price tag upward of $10,000, she calls in gurus who can remodel what is previously there.

It is uncomplicated enough for them to include balusters among the existing types, and a new, larger handrail.

“Being able to resolve this is not just a layout point. It is a lot about security,” states Roth.

Remodeling the railing ends up remaining a thoroughly clean, very simple, and cheap task—it fees only $2,000, leaving an further $8,000 in the price range that can be applied elsewhere.

Your phone may have an app that works as well as any level.
Your mobile phone might have an application that operates as properly as any stage.


As employees are setting up the cabinets in the kitchen and attempting to get them straight, Roth pulls out a very small amount that she makes use of for photo hanging.

“Do you want me to use my photo-hanging amount?” she jokes.

“I commonly use my cell phone,” says contractor Scott Cross. “That is effective fantastic, too.” And it is even tinier!

As with all the things these times, there is an app for that. No require to purchase and shop a massive, unwieldy level any extended!