Bellavista’s Colors at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2022

What is your favorite color?

Lots of professionals from a wide variety of industries would like to hear the answer to this question from as many people as possible.

Color psychologists study how different colors influence people. For example, it’s common knowledge that the colors we’re constantly looking at, say, at home, do affect our mood.

Classic psychology widely uses the Lüscher’s Color test, based on ranking color samples at a particular moment. Being very easy to apply, this test yet allows for quick and deep personality analysis. It enables psychologists to objectively measure the psychophysical state of a person, their ability to withstand stress, etc.

Marketing specialists and advertisers, whose professional activity is closely related to visual communication, are interested in your color preferences even more. And so are designers. Fashion and product designers, interior designers, and architects predictably want to know what shades and hues their customers like more.

Bellavista Collection, a well-known brand that designs and produces Italian luxury furniture, strives to match the needs of its customers as close as possible, which includes being able to provide the best color options.

If you browse through product descriptions on the company’s website, you’ll notice that the brand tries to offer lots of variants when it comes to, say, the color of the upholstery, not to mention choice among a few types of both leather and fabric. The brand has always paid great attention to its color palettes.

For example, PYPER, which exists in two variants – a loveseat and an armchair, is offered both in leather and fabric upholstery. Well, it is no surprise: one can say the same about most of the upholstered pieces from this brand. But when it comes to colors, there are thirty options for leather and about the same number for fabric. What is more, the list of available colors is constantly being updated. It means that it will be a good idea to ask for the freshest info before ordering any upholstered piece.

Colors of Summer 2022 at Bellavista’s Booth

By the way, PYPER was recently showcased at iSaloni 2022. During the event, the loveseat stood in the conversation area of Bellavista’s booth.

Other areas, furnished quite like luxurious rooms, included the dining zone, the living-room zone, the bedroom zone, and the walk-in closet. The latter was designed especially for the Salone 2022.

PYPER was upholstered in luxuriously-looking velvet of light mustard color. This color is not only pleasing to the eye but also remarkable harmonizes with other materials: Moka beechwood the loveseat’s base is made of cast brass with an antique bronze finish on the metal details and the feet. Besides, this color goes extremely well with shades of brown – the wooden surfaces of FILIBERTO coffee table and BITTA pouf that formed the core of the conversation zone.

The soft, light colors of the seats turned out to be a great choice for this area, where Bellavista’s representatives actively communicated with visitors – fellow exhibitors, prospective business partners, and customers. Pastel shades are soothing, which helped to create a relaxed atmosphere and the right mood for a good talk.

For the same purpose, the zone was decorated with a semi-transparent metal curtain. The similar one, which Bellavista Collection already has in its inventory – TRANSPARENZE – has been a bestseller for years.

But let’s return to PYPER. Not only did it turn attention thanks to its laconic yet increasingly elegant design – each visitor had every chance to try it. So, nobody can guess what a lot of people had sat on this superb loveseat during the five days of the event…

If you feel like ordering this gorgeous furniture piece, you’ll have plenty of choices. To begin with, you’ll have to decide between an armchair or a loveseat. It would be your first challenge: both are so cozy and nice-looking!

As to the dimensions, these models differ only in width – they are 93 centimeters (36.6 inches) and 163 centimeters (364.2 inches) wide respectively. So, whenever you place each of them, at home or in some public space like a luxurious waiting room, PYPER will be suitable indeed.

Choosing the material (fabric or leather) and color of the upholstery will also be a tricky task: all options look equally attractive.

By the way, the fact that Bellavista Collection is going to offer lots of pastel shades this summer doesn’t mean that bright, vivid colors would be ignored. Not at all: just remember the bright red upholstery of ZIA MARIA sofa and the rich blue color of LILLIGRE bench.

Much More Colors After the Event

Bellavista Collection has a good long-standing tradition: every time a trade event ends, the brand’s former showpieces turn into articles in its catalog. So, all items you could see in its booth at iSaloni this June, now are available to all.

If you look through the descriptions of, say, armchairs, sofas, dining chairs, and benches, you’ll be impressed by the colors their upholstery is available. There will be shades of any color you can think of.

Pastel tones will occupy a good share of the palette for spring and summer 2022. Soft blue, tender pink, delicate green, cheerful yellow – Bellavista’s craftsmen know how people love pastel colors.

A wide range of neutral tones is also among the most popular picks for furniture upholstery. Along with being eye-pleasing, light grey, beige, and similar tones are easily combinable with other colors. It is so handy when you are looking for something to blend in the existing interior, where all color accents are already set.

In fact, when you are furnishing your home from A to Z, Bellavista Collection will be of great help, too: here you can find virtually everything you might need, from wall paneling to lamps, not to mention furniture. So, welcome to the Bellavista Collection’s website – a treasure trove for anyone who loves good design and appreciates top quality!