Best Places In Sydney For An Unforgettable First Date

Sydneysiders who have been on successful dates will always stress why first impressions and first dates matter. First dates set up the trajectory for any relationship where people finally meet their potential date face to face. And just like first impressions, the location of the first date, whether on a rooftop bars in Sydney or a visit to one of the best restaurants in the city, will show how meaningful one considers their dates.

With Sydney having more than enough problems with dating, there’s no need to add the problem of having a drab location on the list. However, to make the first dates that much more memorable and exciting, Sydneysiders need to up their game using these best location ideas listed below:

Bars: Nothing says casual and a bit of fun like a bar in Sydney, and the city is not short of some of Australia’s best bars. Couples can choose a rooftop bar in Sydney or go for wine bars offering a bit of delicacy to even the mood. Get out there after an afternoon date to wind down, relax and drink the best wines that are reasonably priced. Make sure that the bars won’t have couples wait long for their seats and are calm enough to get a decent conversation going. Don’t go out to bars if there’s a high chance of the area being crowded due to local events.

Parks: If the person is a nature lover, then a walk in the park might be a good idea to get the wheels of the relationship turning. They are inexpensive, but individuals also don’t have to stress about finding the perfect restaurant or a bar in town. Don’t forget that walking is a natural mood booster and way less intimidating than face-to-face conversation. Centennial Park, the Barangaroo Reserve and Hyde Park are among the most popular, and several others make for the perfect first dates.

Restaurants: Another excellent option for a first date location, although the prospect might be daunting. Unless the individuals decide to split the bill, it’ll be a drain on the pocket, too, owing to the expenses for the food and drinks. Sydney has a lot of great restaurants in and around the city, so finding the best one with reasonable prices might not be that much of a problem. People need to look out for the ambience, the type of people that occupy the restaurants and something that’s within the price range to avoid any embarrassment. Make sure that what’s on the menu is preferred by the person who is coming on the date.

Indoor Activities: This is for those who are more on the fun side of things and want to make their first dates as fun as possible. Bowling, karaoke, comedy shows, music shows and hundreds of other activities are available for Sydneysiders to get to know each other and still have a fabulous time. If it’s a shared hobby, then all the better.

Other Locations To Kindle The Spark: Museums and art galleries are great for art lovers and history geeks. Museum of Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art and Art Gallery of New South Wales can make up for great first date locations. A hike along the trails is also not a bad idea, provided both partners are into hiking and long walks. Zoos can be adventurous for animal lovers and if there’s a new movie dropping in the city, book some seats in one of the theatres in Sydney.